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chung006 | Dec 31, 201406:48 PM

Time to end an amazing year and what better way to do it but to travel around the old stomping grounds eating everything in sight!! Here are some places visited this past month in Tokyo, KL, Melecca, JB, KK.

Happy New Year! Bring on 2015!!!

- Ramen – broth from dried sardines=amazing! Wasn’t expecting this but it was really good.
- PROS -unique – new ramen places sprouting up in Vancouver BUT nothing like this @ 1000 Yen = GO!
- CONS – tiny shop, we were lucky, no wait but very small (BUT super friendly owners)
- 9/10

- Modern Japanese? I believe that is the style. Recommended by a friend / High end Japanese
- ALL the smoked, seared fish were amazing… like butter + Dessert=unique , innovative and extremely tasty… sake soufflé….
- PROS – so tasty….
- CONS – 31000 Yen with no drinks.
- 9/10

- TONKATSU!!! Deep fried bread pork – the magical animal in heaven…..
- Had the Tonkatsu Don, add that sweet egg = perfect
- PROS- close to train station – have other stores/locations – 950 yen= steal
- CONS- always busy. Main con… I only have 1 stomach and couldn’t try the other cuts of magical animal
- 8.5/10

FASTFOOD – had to do it….
McDonald’s – Demi Glaze & Cheese gratin Korokke burger = ugg…. Disgusting.
BK – Kuro Pearl Burger (squid ink + charcoal)- see picture in link (actually better than Mickey d’s)
- 1/10

- Had to do it! Went to fish market and the line ups at Sushi Dai are insane! Not standing 5 hrs in line
- So tried conveyor belt sushi, if you are in Japan = act like a tourist!
- PROS – cheap, taste was ok, nothing special
- CONS- average meal- nothing to go out of your way for, just novelty
- 5/10

- Had the Mille Feuille praline, coffee, hot chocolate & macaroons (salted caramel + chocolate)
- PROS- really tasty, especially the Mille Fueille.
- CONS- really expensive.. We have just as good shops in Vancouver
- 8/10

TORI SHIGERU – @ Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo Yoyogi 2-chrome, 6-4 1 2f – phn#03-3379-5188
- Go to google and put this in- 鳥茂 Shibuyaku Yoyogi 2-6-4
- Yakitori! Skewed meat = can’t go wrong- tried liver, etc.. BUT also sashimi-brains/uterus/stomach/liver
- PROS- skewed liver was super tasty, the sashimi, interesting (good but I liked cooked food better)
- CONS- impossible to find! Just put exactly above and google it- no site/no English- beside McDonald’s
- 7/10

- Tempura everything! Crazy light batter, get a seat at the bar (speak Japanese) and chat w chef!
- PROS- the batter- never had such light, airy crispiness before- SO good…..
- CONS- you smell like a big tempura sausage after… greasy and full….
- 8.5/10

- First time back to KL in 15 yrs = first breakfast = street market!
- Ipoh chicken Hor Fun, Popiah (crispy twist w pork crackling = never go wrong w pork crackling), Peanut pancake, Nasi Lemak , Egg tart, pandan puff.
- PROS – a million choice in 1 market!! Great place to eat, as long as you can handle a wet market
- CONS- busy. Busy. Busy. Fight for that table. Lady at pancake shop saw tourist = tried to rip me off.
- 9/10

LOT 10 -
- So this is what heaven looks like…. A billion options in 1 space BUT we just had breakfast so too full
- Tried the durian shaved ice. Pureed durian w cendol – so good…..
- 7.5/10

Madam Kwan (KLCC location) -
- Was on search for otak. Found it! Tried satay, otak, Prawn mee (the prawn stock was out of this world)
- PROS- not quite like the streets, Otak was a BIG piece vs. tiny individual pieces ( I liked the burnt bits)
- Satay had good taste, but beef was a little tough- I like mine better with fat bits.
- CONS- quite busy, and you pay for the restaurant comforts of aircon etc…
- 7/10

- was told about this place – special trip = worth it! Curry laksa, Che cheong fun, yong tau foo
- PROS- Che cheong fun= awesome!!!! With the fried shallots… Tau foo- super fresh and tasty.
- CONS- not so much a con because it was really good, but I like the style of laksa with more coconut milk- this is just a different style but still crazy tasty.
9.5/10 – SO many more choices that we missed – partly too full / partly, closed by 3pm, we arrived at 2:15

- wondering the streets, stumbled across this joint- tried “Majestic” pork noodles + Claypot pearl noodles
- PROS- the pearl noodles was light and tasty w liver! The “majestic” pork belly (can’t go wrong w pork belly) was made majestic by frying it was sticky sweet garlic!
- CONS- service- terrible.

- Met a Bitcoin group that holds with weekly meet up and this is the first restaurant to accept BTC
- PROS- got the platter! Had to try the special Dagang rice – so good…. Squid and chicken highlights
- CONS- Tuna was a speciality but I don’t like thick chunks of tuna slow cooked = super dry and popiah order was a spring roll.
- 9/10 (The rice made it…)

- SAD DAY….. we were so close… Same neighbourhood as Capital nasi dagang- BUT I just couldn’t eat any more. BUT the line up was insane at lunch- and based on the write ups, one of the best Nasi Lemak
- LESSON OF THE DAY- save room (always) in case of emergency…

- Had to try the rice ball I have heard about! Bus arrived at 2pm, but by the time we got to the famed Chung Wah, it was sold out. So, based on article tried Famosa.
- Kampong Chicken (super tasty), rice ball (ok), Mutton satay( so good BUT peanut sauce was not), Otak: heaven, frozen durian explosion (AWESOME!!)
- PROS- minimal line up, unlike other 2, Chicken, Lamb really tasty+ Durian explosion (MUST)
- CONS- maybe it is just the way it should be, but I would take a regular oil rice in a bowl any day. Service was TERRIBLE.
- 8/10

- a friend brought us to this out of the way restaurant- great food!
- Fried fish, braised tofu, braised pork belly, water spinach , Chow Hor Fun
- PROS- great tasting food . The fish and Hor Fun were high lights
- CONS- you have to own a car, out of the way for tourist
- 8/10

- Last day in Melaka- checked out local Nyonya food- rice zhong, Pai Tee, Durian pancake, cendol
- PROS- cendol, really tasty (uses the local sugar), Pai Tee brings back great memories when I was a kid
- CONS- Durian pancake- wasn’t very durian tasty, nothing amazing. Service was unfriendly.
- 8/10

- Great resource by a food blogger from JB.
- #2- Hiap Joo- crazy good banana bread, got it fresh- go get it.
- #3- Kin Wah- had to get the basic breakfast, kopi w sugar + kaya toast + half boiled egg = happiness.
- #12- Meldrum Walk- TONS of food- had satay, also really good was Mr. OK – Tofu Goreng
- #3- Shang Ji – braised duck noodles- one of the best dishes on trip. GO
- #6- Mwa Mei Bak Kut Teh- good but not amazing. I like the soup with more herbal taste.
- Shop – the shop that houses #2,3,4- owner is shady. Charged way too much for Chinese donut that is needed to go with Bak Kut Teh BUT only option….
- #8- Ya Wang – go get it. If you like roasted duck (like I love) = go. And the bbq pork is also amazing.
- #5- Tried to go 2X = closed both times… no set hours- go + pray they are open. Tried 8.30AM & 2.30PM

- Cousins drove us to the cost for seafood! Had the salted egg crab + FAMOUS SGP chilli crab
- PROS- chilli crab, the sauce with sweet crab meat = heaven, can’t get enough of the sauce….
- CONS- you need a car it is far from JB.
- 8.5/10

Wiya Chicken Rice -
- Stumbled upon this shop while wondering around KK
- PROS- agree w blogger – rice = really good. Chicken, was good not amazing.
- CONS- wonton soup… meh
- 7 out of 10

Yu Kee Buk Kut Teh -
- Pork Pork Pork- after so-so affair at the BKT restaurant in JB, was hoping for a better meal.
- PROS- recommended in Lonely Planet- busy place- food really good! Herbal soup, hit the mark
- CONS- terrible service. Owner (wife) took order and was super rude and messed up order.
- 9/10

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