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Asheville: XPress writer Hannah Rachel Raskin [Moved from South board]

Budget Palate | Feb 18, 200805:10 AM

I got beef with Hannah Rachel Raskin.

Now, Raskin might be a perfectly lovely person, but it is her writing that I have an issue with. I usually cannot get past the first couple of sentences in one of her columns, so I usually skip over her columns.

Her writing has all the trademarks of a first-year staff writer in a mediocre college newspaper. It is frequently self-referential, off-topic, filled with bad puns. It just generally comes off as irritating, cutesy, grating, immature. She tries to come off as hip.

She needs a good editor. The editor should strip her column to a mandatory three paragraphs. The editor should say, "Hannah, just write about the food, in a simple and direct way, and you'll be fine." Because, as anyone who would bother post on Chow can understand, I like to read about food. Any number of my fellow posters on Chow could do a much better job than Raskin.

I want our weekly alternative paper to have a decent food writer. We have this city with great things happening in food.

A good food writer stimulates appetite. The way she writes about food makes me queasy.

How did she get this position? Can't the Xpress do better? Anyone else feel this way, or is it just me?

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