Artisanal Sends Wrong Cheese Order -- What a Treat


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Artisanal Sends Wrong Cheese Order -- What a Treat

Sthitch | Aug 30, 2004 12:15 PM

Last week I had placed an order with Artisanal for four cheeses. These were going to be used on a cheese board for a large party this weekend. It was getting late in the afternoon and I was getting concerned when FedEx had not shown-up, as Artisanal’s customer service closes at 5:00 so if there were any problems I would have been screwed. At 4:15 the box arrived. I hoped up the box, and started pulling out cheese. After the first two cheeses were not what I had ordered, I thought that maybe they had just put in a couple of “bonus” cheeses for ordering, but that was not the case. When I was finished, there were thirteen pieces of cheese (twelve varieties, with a double order of Camambert). The only cheese that I had ordered was Epoisse. I was concerned that I had screwed-up my order, but when I opened the invoice, I noticed that it had the name and address of someone in Pennsylvania (I am in Virginia). I immediately put in a call to Artisanal to let them know that they had sent my four cheeses to someone else. But the other person had received my order before I was delivered his. When I got the customer service person on the phone I simply said:

I received the wrong order
Is this Mr. H.?
Yes, it is.
Well Mr. H., please enjoy the cheese that you received.
I replied, “Not to worry, I will, but don’t worry sending me the four I ordered, this is perfect.”

They were quite relieved to hear that I have more than happy with what I was mistakenly sent, and would not need to have the other cheese sent. They assured me that the gentleman who received my cheese would be getting his for Saturday delivery. As for the wonderful cheese that I had for the party, the guests ate almost all of it, and raved about it all night.

The order that I received was:
Camambert, Epoisse, Montgomery Cheddar, Blu del Moncenisio, Great Hill Blue, Bleu D’ Auvergne, Berkshite Blue, Crottin, Hock Ybrig, Wildmannli, and a blue and a soft Goat from France (cannot remember the names of these last two).

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