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Arthur Schwartz Cooking Vacation in Italy


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Arthur Schwartz Cooking Vacation in Italy

Jim Leff | Feb 11, 2003 12:03 AM

[A few disclaimers. Arthur Schwartz is my friend. And he's been very supportive of this site. In fact, I just went on his radio show to hype Chowhound's newsletters. So the following might be seen as "log-rolling," but it's not; we have no quid pro quo arrangement, and anyway I never ever praise things I don't truly believe in.]

I think Arthur is one of the best people out there for explaining food and cooking. He's got a gift for making even complicated issues clear and understandable. I think this is because he was a writer first, rather than a food pro who came late to media just to "extend his brand".

And his enthusiasm is highly contagious. He's genuinely zealous about cooking, it's not just a shtick - I can vouch for that. Not having spent years grinding away in pro kitchens, he's maintained an outsider's sense of wonderment, 100% uncynical.

This all makes Arthur exactly the sort of guy you'd want to take cooking lessons from. So, if I could afford it, I'd jump in a second to attend his "Cook at Seliano" cooking class/vacation in Italy. Check out the link below and see if it doesn't sound like an incredible opportunity.

Note: he sort of buries it on that page, but I'd suggest taking VERY seriously Arthur's offer to advise participants on further travel in Italy. He really knows the country, and this offer of counsel is an invaluable add-on. Arthur's very generous with such things, so I have no doubt that he'd help you gain entree to otherwise unattainable experiences. A major chowhound info goldmine.

If anyone out there does take the class and wants to keep a diary of the experience, it might be a fun thing to host here on Chowhound (so bring a digital camera!)



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