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Your "Art Buchwald" food


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Your "Art Buchwald" food

jillp | Feb 20, 2007 04:27 PM

A recent post on the Food Media board linked to an article by the late Art Buchwald. In it he mentioned that he regretted not having eaten more eclairs. The gist of the article was that there are things you give up that, in the long run, you might regret not having done.

If I were to depart this mortal plane tomorrow, I'd be so cranky because I missed out on a whole lot of cinnamon rolls. Sounds silly, I know, but I will let myself eat chocolate and foie gras but I draw the line at cinnamon rolls even though I love them. They have no redeeming nutritional value. I hope someone will remind me on my next birthday to spend the day eating cinnamon rolls. One of my mothers-in-law once did this with cream horns and she's a much happier person for it.

What's the one food you would regret not having eaten, once you know your days are numbered?

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