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Arkansas makes it into the real world.

ceojr1963 | Jan 23, 201011:20 PM

For those of you that might ever make it to Arkansas, we aren't as backward food wise as someone might think. About 14 months ago I was dying to try Ashley's in the Capital hotel. I passed by the windows everyday walking down Markham going to and from a Homeless feeding station that I was doing work at. I am on a limited income, but I do go out to places when my "saving for a great place to try new fund" reachs the point that I can have a nice meal and leave a nice tip stage. I like to have that at about $150 just to on the safe side. I don't always spend that kind of money, but it is a goal to treat myself if need be. I call it my Vacation in town fund as well.

Finally I walked in and asked to see a menu, just to see what kind of pricing and meals I would be looking at. I don't buy the first time I go in, I just look around, and window shop, it makes the experience all the more refreshing. They were friendly and I chatted for a bit.

Two days later I came in early They are open At 6 Am, or did back then. I was the only one in there, That is a nice feeling. Tell yourself, you are a king and this is your place, it helps with the experience. I met Cliff my waiter, he was willing to chat. I told him that as a local author I liked to go out everytime I had enough money saved up to enjoy myself. That my father was an Executive Chef before I was born, so I have been trained very well, though I don't have a piece of paper proving it. After getting some of the Chef's special yogurt he was thinking about using in a recipe, I felt like family.

I have had many breakfasts, and several lunches there. When my "saving for a great to try new fund" hits it's 150 dollar mark, I have gone back to Ashley's instead of going elsewhere.

One day while just stopping in to chat and warm up, the walk had been cold that morning. Todd another morning waiter, treated me on the house to coffee and pastries. It felt like waking up in Heaven and having the first meal.

Sadly I have not been back for a while Almost 9 months, other places have been getting my fund money, but they haven't been places to eat for myself.

Just thought you'd like to see something of the great wide good places here abouts.


Ashley's Restaurant - Capital Hotel
111 West Markham Street, Little Rock, AR 72201

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