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Aquavit: What are my options ith it?

Honeychan | May 27, 200810:18 PM

Curiousity got the best of me, and I bought a bottle of aquavit yesterday at a good Las Vegas liquor-store (Lee's, if you know of it). I've been looking for it, and till yesterday- haven't found a bottle. Sad to say, I coulden't find Linniea (sp?!) brand, which I wanted, but a lesser brand whos name escapes me now. (I'll post the name, when I get home)

I placed the bottle in the freezer. Got it ice-cold. Poured a shot, sans any beer chaser, and tasted it WOW. The flavor of fennel seeds overwhelmed me more than I was expecting. I can now see that this is an aquired liking, but i'm not going to waste it! My mind thought it would be pretty good in a Bloody Mary-type of savory drink, but after that..I came up with nothing.

Is aquavit ever used as a spririt, in a cocktail? I've come up with little info, after doing some searches. Help me, I don't want to dump the stuff into the sink, and waste it!

Thanks in advance for any help!

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