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Apples: Where are the Russets of yesteryear?


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Apples: Where are the Russets of yesteryear?

Gary Soup | Aug 17, 2003 02:24 AM

Although I've become a thrall of Chowhound-dom, I still have flashes of prior realities. I duly endure the posts of people becoming orgasmic over the latest finds at the farmers markets, and now we are up to apples once again. But it struck me suddenly, THE RUSSETS ARE MISSING! I grew up in pretty good New York State apple country, and in about Scud Missile range from where McIntosh (the apple, not the Apple) was first corralled across the river in Canada. I knew LOTS of apples, some of which I stole from neighbors' back yard trees. The highlight of the season, however, was always the arrival of the Russet, the most apple-y of apples, and the frenzy of pie-baking its arrival triggered. It was the Gravenstein with balls.

Where, oh where are my Rusties? Not at the Safeway, not at the Farmers Markets. Fickle people, why have you turned your backs on Russet Apples? Not beautiful enough? Not caressable enough? Has anyone seen my Russets?

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