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Applebees Honey Pepper Chicken and Shrimp

boagman | Oct 31, 2013 10:52 PM

So I need to preface this by letting everyone out there know that:

A. I received a bunch of chain gift cards a while back which was a very nice "thank you" for my services rendered as a locksmith from a friend of the family. An Applebees $25 gift card was one of them. Deal with it.

B. As a locksmith, I travel all over the area. I eat out a lot...but hardly ever at chains. Unless, of course, it's free.

So I went to an Applebees last night...*on purpose*. What was that purpose? Free food. I honestly need to start using up some of these gift cards, and while wonderful vegetarian Indian street food is available just down the street, that would have been something that, you know...would have cost actual *money* and all that.

So the typical 12-year-olds working there are serving me, and they're fine: one's training, one's the trainer. They didn't have the salad on the menu that I'd planned to order (drat!), so I decided to pick what I could figure to be the most harmless thing on there...or at least something difficult to screw up.

Honey Pepper Chicken and Shrimp is just what it says: a rather thin "grilled" chicken breast served with five ultra-fried shrimp atop a mound of coarsely-diced potatoes and lightly fried green beans, served with a honey-pepper glaze/sauce. It's about $12 as I recall.

When I first got it, the shrimp and green beans were nice and hot, and the chicken and potatoes were not. Back they went, leaving me with green beans and shrimp. Believe it or not: this wasn't all that bad. The green beans were quite perky, and the shrimp was at least hot. I've certainly had worse from chains.

When the potatoes and chicken came back, it was replated with more green beans, but no shrimp. I asked for, and received more, so as to experience the entire dish as it was meant to be.

It's simple, it's nothing of consequence, it's certainly nothing noteworthy or gourmet...but fair's fair: it fed me, and it didn't make me sick. The sauce is basically a nothing sauce, sweet and almost nothing else. I can *see* some pepper...but I can't taste it.

Bottom line: it was free, it functioned for what I needed it to be, and nobody died or got sick as a result. Service was fine.

I'm buying a lottery ticket now. ;)

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