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apple clafoutis report [was to be peach pie report]


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apple clafoutis report [was to be peach pie report]

smokey | Sep 12, 2005 01:07 PM

So I went to the farmers' market this Sat intending to buy some peaches for a peach pie (ala, I believe, Sir Gawain's recipe). I figured I could still get ok ones there--they're certainly still showing up in the supermarket. I got distracted, however, by my favorite vendor's organic apples. WOW, they were amazing (ok, I don't remember the different types he was selling, so can't give details, but if folks are interested, tomorrow I will bring in the notes he gave me on the different types.)

So, bought the apples instead and modified my plan for a clafoutis (see link). Bottom line--I don't think I'm a clafoutis gal. I suspected that might be the case, but decided it was worth a try nonetheless. I probably used too many apples in my clafoutis (they were quite small, so I had to estimate how many to use). It didn't bake quite right (oven inadequately preheated? not sure) and never achieved a nice golden top (I was on phone with friend and put SO in charge of baking, so wasn't able to monitor it very closely). But those little issues weren't the thing I didn't it like. It was simply too eggy-custardy, and I'm just not a custard gal. Love a custard-based ice cream, but not custard. I had considered using yolks only and adding an extra to make up for lost protein/volume, but decided against it. (I have heard that the whites are what provide the 'eggy' taste.) It might have been smarter to do that. It was easy to see how moving the recipe more towards the flour and cutting back somewhat on the sugar would simply give you an apple pancake type thing, which I would probably really like.

One thing I did like was a modification I made to the recipe--used maple syrup instead of sugar to glaze the apples and then put a splash of apple cider vinegar in when I was cooking it down to make a syrup to pour over. It was a small enough dose of vinegar that it didn't taste like a sweet and sour glaze that belonged on meat, just had a nice tang to it.

Maybe it's time to use up my remaining toms on a savoury clafoutis and see how that goes...


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