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Aphrodisiacal /Suggestive foods -Part II


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Aphrodisiacal /Suggestive foods -Part II

Amin (London Foodie '''') | Sep 12, 2005 11:55 AM

I think you guys out there need a bit of inducement to overcome the Monday morning blues. You may recall a thread posted back in Nov'04 titled 'Aphrodisiacal or suggestive foods'' . Well this is part-II. Back then there were some wonderful and quite explicit suggestions and comments. To referesh memories here are some quotes from back then:

Candy: Aphrodisiac cookbook called ''Lewd food'' -I've not dipped into it in a while''
Whipped cream / Clotted cream

Carblover: Aphrodisiac cookbook called ''Intercourses''
Luscious green avocado, halved, its well filled with a sweet portion of crystalline sugar and balsamic

Banana's dipped in chocolate fondue penetrating one's lips at the hands of another''

Crimson strawberries halved to reveal their soft hearts, drenched in a dark pool of balsamic, sugar & spicy black pepper

Chococat: We were messy into mango
It was sticking in our teeth
It was too ripe for waiting
It was juicy and sweet

Oh, that succulent sensation
You said it was the best
But you left me in the morning
With that sticky mess...

KC girl: ''Clam Chowder -creamy & buttery
The very creamy and buttery sauced spinach/artichoke crepes at Chat Noir get me going. Too rich to eat very much of it. Has a hint of nutmeg, I think. Wonderful spices, tarragon (?). But, little dabs of the sauce licked from the silver keeps the pleasure going.

Neighbor: Pasta puttanesca, which is Italian and translates (I think) to "whore's pasta." It includes anchovies, black olives, garlic, capers, etc. and is allegedly so named because of its pungency, which was such that men would follow the scent to the whores. Good for business, you see.

Ricepad: Fresh figs, especially when partially split open

Sven : Nectarines. Especially when they are perfectly ripe and the sticky sweet juice runs down your chin.....Uhmmm, where was I?!?!

You may also want to check out Aphrodite by Isabel Allende. It's a great book blending the love of food and the food of love.

Tamar G: …….I just read this at work and now I'm blushing. ……..not offended at all- just amused (and a little red)

Iniven: This follows into the category of sensual food prep, but there's no reason why cooking with someone can't be part of the seduction. When I worked in a kitchen years ago, we would occasionally roast quantities of red bell peppers. After pulling them from the oven, we would cool them, covered, in a bowl for a bit (to help release the skins).

While they were still warm, we would plunge our hands in and carefully peel the loose skins. The smell, warmth, color, and texture would make most of us blush...pears poached in cassis with custard (I usually do this in a tart) is also somewhat inspiring.

While the guys did give some good suggestions, I think the gal's won hands down. Lets have a re-run and see some fresh ideas please.

:-) Amin

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