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First apartment - best cookware to purchase

rmarisco | Mar 3, 2012 01:10 PM

Having survived most of the first year in a half-furnished off campus apartment, living with little more than a can opener and a pot, It's time to get the oldest child some more *advanced* tools for the kitchen. We are a foodie family, and cook and eat well, and from all over the globe. She has missed some kitchen groceries - excellent soy sauce, salami, brie - that aren't so easily available at the corner store. But, that's not a worry because she knows what she wants and, eventually, as she branches out, she will find the foods she's been missing.

However, her tools are another story.. she was gifted with many cast-off pots and pans, most of which are of little value. Some are falling apart. No tea kettle (that's a pot of water on the stove), no dutch oven (too big.. she would be overwhelmed by the cook-now-eat-later concept), no coffee press (she doesn't drink coffee)... much of what is standard in my tool-heavy kitchen is still somewhat useless to her.

I'd like to do some investment shopping for her - stuff I know she could use. What I am thinking of getting: an enamel cast iron skillet (probably no bigger than 10"), a juicer (she loves fresh juices and frequently eats raw for days at a time... until she gets hungry for a tuna sandwich!), a blender to make smoothies, a small food processor. Also, there is always the threat that a roommate might explode or destroy a piece of equipment: I'd like to buy mid level equipment that she can use for several years until she can afford to upgrade if needed.

So, I'd like suggestions for first time cooks. She is serious about her food, so i know that eventually she will be a good cook, but right now is not the time for the perfect pizza set, the special espresso machine that wakes you up in the morning.. In other words solid, serviceable kitchen workhorses. I would appreciate any and all suggestions for the first apartment for a new cook, especially tools that do double duty - such as a blender/processor combo with one base. (I know space will be at a premium in her kitchen!) I've already got great cookbooks put aside for her, so I've got at least one base covered..

thanks for your suggestions!

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