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*Anti-Foodie thread warning* For COSTCO shoppers....

BoomerKid | Sep 1, 2009 04:38 PM

I know that this is the very antithesis of foodie but I have a question.

I don't have a COSTCO membership however I'll be needing to stock up on some things soon and wanted to know:

1) Do you absolutely need the membership to shop there or can you just walk in? Is there a one-time visit fee?

2) If you've ever happened to buy cereal in bulk from there, at how much would you estimate a 12-pack of Special K (Vanilla, haha)?

I know that one is a bit random but I know of a website that sells them for 55$ US and I'm trying to decide which would be the best offer?

*Bonus round: An estimate on Grand Pre Milk packs?

A HUGE thanks in advance for any answer to this esoteric inquiry! ;D

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