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Anthony Bourdain - Parts Unknown Premiere (Myanmar)


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Anthony Bourdain - Parts Unknown Premiere (Myanmar)

TuteTibiImperes | Apr 14, 2013 07:28 PM

I didn't see a discussion on this, and since the first episode just finished, I figured I'd start one. What does everyone think?

It reminded me a lot of No Reservations with a few key differences. The cinematography is a major improvement. No Reservations always looked good, but the crew behind Parts Unknown is in a different league - just some seriously beautiful shots. There was also a greater focus on the non-food cultural elements, with some great background on what's been going on in Myanmar politically and why things are as they are.

On the other hand, the actual food coverage seemed to be less in depth than No Reservations usually managed. Sure, there were plenty of meals shown, and some great food porn shots, but I felt a deep analysis of the actual dishes, and the history behind them, was somewhat lacking.

Overall it was a good show though, and I'll certainly DVR the rest of this season and likely watch them soon after airing. I'll be interested in seeing how the balance of food coverage vs. general travel, culture, and history goes.

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