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Just Answer The Question!!

mamachef | Jul 21, 2011 08:32 AM

Hi Y'all:
This has been chafing me for a moment or two now. I do hope I'm addressing it in the proper spot.
Lately (even not-so-lately) I've noticed a real thread of superiority running through some of the "answers" addressed to people - especially new posters. It's happened to me: I've asked a genuine question about a product and what to do with it and gotten smacked around for my shopping choices instead of just receiving an answer to an earnestly-posited question, or was told that I'd called it the wrong thing, or basically was told that I'm pretty dumb. Now, I'm pretty thick-skinned and I know it's not true. But if I wasn't, and I asked a question here only to get met with some of the bullshit know-it-all drivel that passes for an answer from some folk? I might never come back.
It just seems to me that this site's purpose is primarily to educate one another on all manner and areas of the cooking/eating/dining out experience. When someone asks a genuine question only to get told their question basically doesn't even matter, it helps nobody. Oh, wait. It might help the person answering feel superior, or vent some spleen or something. But I'm sure there are places for that too.
Just a call to peace, folks. If you have an answer, give it. If someone is wrong on a point of fact or method, educate them; don't call them out or diss them. No point in answering just to show off your own superior knowledge - because unshared knowledge is pretty lame. It sits there in your brain, and you know it, and so what?

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