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Anodized aluminum kettle leaving "stuff" in the water

redheadsara | Dec 13, 200902:05 PM

Hi Folks -

I have had an anodized aluminum water kettle for a month or so and, every time I look at the water after it's boiled and cooled off (like when I take the lid off to add more water), I see floating little bits of white stuff all throughout it. It's kinda disgusting.

I am using filtered water, the pot is pretty well sealed, so it doesn't let in oil/grease from other pots on the stovetop, and I have washed the pot multiple times (and rinsed it well), so I don't think it's sediment in the water, soap, or oil. I have no idea what this is. I also am not sure if it is in the freshly boiled water because I always make tea and it doesn't show up once the water isn't clear.

The brand of the kettle is "Palm restaurant" -- I guess it's a line based on the chain of restaurants that I had never heard of before getting this pot. I really needed an all-metal kettle because the several I had before had plastic on them and the plastic always melted.

I have nary a clue about this. Ideas, anyone??

Thank you ever so much!

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