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Now, that's annoying!


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Now, that's annoying!

Mr Grub | Jul 29, 2002 11:58 AM

OK. So now you’ve selected the ideal restaurant (Chowhound Know How), decided not to Cut & Run, & are mid-chow. What are those non-food annoyances that might, either individually or cumulatively, dissuade you from returning? For your consideration:

1. Unpriced daily specials: If printed menu has printed prices, spoken menu should have spoken prices.
2. Crashing dishes courtesy of buspersons
3. The exhilarating aroma of Pinesol
4. Supercharged, aggressively friendly servers: “Hi, my name is Debbie Ruth. I’ll be your server tonight. How you guys doin’? I’ll be right back. Swooosh.”
5. Ancient, my-feet-hurt servers: “Tonight’s special (groan) is (achhh) meatloaf.”
6. Servers insistently call couples (including the intoxicatingly feminine Mme. Grubbe) “you guys.”
7. Ear-bleeding noise
8. Tables so close together you can’t get out of your seat
9. Dining room temperature: 600 degrees; wine room temperature: 550 degrees
10. Tippy tables
11. “Are you still working on that?” “Yep, just waiting for the glue to dry.”
12. Clearing one diner’s place before another diner is finished.
13. Having to order your own side dishes: “Would you like Mae’s potatoes or fennel rice pilaf with that?”
14. Servers carefully place fork from course A on table to be used with course B.
15. Servers persistently pour your wine, including the last few drops, sediment and all.

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