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Little things that annoy me in restaurants


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Little things that annoy me in restaurants

Ruby | Mar 28, 2001 01:54 PM

Had a salad today for lunch and as usual the cucumber slices are never peeled and arrive with the waxy green skin on them. This got me thinking about how certain small things can detract yet are not big enough to bring to the restaurant's attention. In no particular order, here are a few of my pet peeves and I'd be interested in hearing other hounds' comments/complaints. Maybe if there are enough similar complaints, the restaurants will take notice!

1. Cucumber slices not peeled.
2. Recited daily specials never get prices recited.
3. Recited specials are longer than the regular menu; how about just typing out a separate list?
4. Waiter/waitress asks you how food is after you're three-quarters finished.
5. Constant pushing of sale of bottled water and booze.
6. Waitperson flirts with your date. Worse still, date flirts back!
7. Waitperson corrects your pronunciation of a food/dish (i.e., calamari) and then proceeds to mispronounce it themselves (calls calamari 'calla-mary')
8. Waitperson asks you if you want your change back without first looking at the total check and what you handed them in cash. Especially annoying if the check is $10.00 and you hand them a $20 bill. Hello! No, this dining experience was not worth a 100% tip!

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