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My Anniversary Dinner - FFD County


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My Anniversary Dinner - FFD County

adamclyde | Aug 2, 2007 07:40 AM

It's funny. I write on this board darn near every day. But when it comes down to choosing a place to eat for my own anniversary dinner this weekend, I'm ashamed to say I'm totally indecisive and torn.

Here's the deal. I need a proper sit down restaurant (not my usual haunts of down-low latin/asian/whatever places). But, I'm on a budget. I'm not concerned about overly romantic ambiance, but do want something a step above my tortilleria hang outs!

And, the kicker, though I eat everything under the sun, my wife doesn't eat seafood. at all. Or duck. Or lamb. Beef and chicken are good (though a big preference for beef from her). Oh, and she's a real sucker for great salad and bread. that's the most important part to her.

On the budget part, we don't drink alcohol at all, so that helps prices, but I'm really trying to see if I can keep it to at or less than $70 for the two of us (not including tip). That would need to include probably one salad, two entrees and a dessert (which is what I'm the sucker for). So, out for Napa and other fru fru places in Greenwich.

So, here's what I'm thinking about right now (with some random thoughts next to it)

* Barcelona, Greenwich or Norwalk - I'd love it, and have always wanted to try it, but their menu online seemed to have limited options in the chicken/beef category. Also, would I be able to get a few tapas options while wife orders a regular entree and stay around $70?

* Plum Tree, New Canaan - jfood's post the other day reminded me that I've always wanted to try this place. I love japanese. For this dinner, I won't be doing sushi, but how's the menu otherwise? Good non-seafood options for my wife?

* Gaia, Greenwich. I think this is going to be out of my price range, right? But the whole sous vide thing is intriguing. That said, I've been burned too many times on greenwich avenue (ala mediterraneo, where against my better judgement we went for my last anniversary. bad move)

* Baang! - Greenwich. The noise level is obnoxious, but I'm more worried about the non seafood options. Menu online looked weak in that regard. Thoughts?

* Nessa - Port Chester. I'd never even heard of this place until a post a few weeks ago. Sounds great, but sounds expensive. In my price range? KarenNYC's description of the chicken shows they have good options, but at $28 for chicken, might be out of my range? Their site online has no menu or prices...

On the other hand, I'm perfectly fine going a step below these places in terns of fanciness... something along the lines of Kit's Thai Kitchen in Stamford (are there other good thai places out there? Both of us are thai fans...) if the food is good. These should be rolling off of my mind right now, but they aren't!

Anyhow, your thoughts are greatly, greatly appreciated!

- Adam

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