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Ancient prehistoric freezer discovery - how to cook?


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Ancient prehistoric freezer discovery - how to cook?

Nyleve | Dec 10, 2005 12:56 PM

Ok, so don't try to talk me out of this - I'm going to cook it. I'm just asking for advice on how.

It's a huge - 6 lbs. probably - muscovy duck which has been in my freezer for 4 or 5 years. It was one of our own and I just never got around to cooking it. But now I want to. Because I feel bad about having killed it, otherwise, for no reason. It's kind of a moral issue.

My question is this: do you think it would benefit from brining? In the past, I've found the best way to cook these things is to start it at 500o for about 10 minutes, then continue at 300o for about 4 or 5 hours in a covered pan, surrounded by cut-up root vegs. Lots of whole garlic. It turns out meltingly tender and delicious. If I remove the cover for the last hour, the skin gets crisp too.

Under the circumstances, this bird has probably dehydrated some in the freezer. So I was thinking that brining might revive it a bit. And if I add some aromatics to the brine - like rosemary and bay - it might help overcome any freezer taste.

What do you think? It's still frozen. I thought I'd put it in a pail of brine and let it defrost there until tomorrow.

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