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Anchovies: salt-packed vs. oil-packed?


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Anchovies: salt-packed vs. oil-packed?

La dolce vita | Jan 20, 2003 01:39 PM

I have a cookbook by Alice Waters, in which she recommends using salt-packed-anchovies, not oil-packed anchovies. So, I went to an Italian market and bought a tin of salt-packed anchovies (I have also seen them touted in Zingerman's catalogue--not an inexpensive item, by the way).

Truth is, I prefer the taste of the oil-packed anchovies. The salt packed ones are much too fishy-tasting, not anchovy-tasting. I grew up with the oil-packed variety. I consider myself a fairly serious foodie. So tell me, fellow chowhounds--are my tastebuds way off on this one? Are salt-packed anchovies and acquired taste that pay off once you make the switch? They are certainly more work--you must remove the skin and backbone. Or perhaps I just have to find the right brand... At any rate, I welcome comments.

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