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Anchor Steam – dodging the prefab bullet at SFO

grayelf | Nov 20, 200809:07 AM     20

Brace yourself, this is a report on an airport restaurant. Yes, we ate at SFO and liked it, enjoyed it even. Because we wanted to squeeze in a visit to SFMOMA the afternoon we left, we decided to risk it and see what was on offer in the domestic terminal. Remembering there wasn’t much way out by the gates, we followed our noses to the right and found the Anchor Steam.

Figuring that at least the SO would be guaranteed a decent pint, we went for it . He had an Anchor porter and pronounced it chewy good. I’m not much for mixing alcohol and air travel so I stuck to water, which the server was entirely gracious about. The SO had a club sandwich that was generous but not over the top and nicely prepared although the ham was a bit processed.

The Niman ranch burger I ordered was (wait for it) really good, and handsomely constructed too – wish I had snapped a picture. It was actually served just a wee bit pink in the middle and therefore nice and juicy, something you can’t get for love or money in Vancouver. The bun was toasted and just foofy enough to conform a bit to the burger, maintaining structural integrity to the last bite. The add ons (avocado and bacon) were generous and fresh for the former and nicely crisped for the latter. The only thing a bit lacking was the tomato and since they are out of season even here in the land of plenty I forgave that.

I had to upgrade to the garlic fries, which lo and behold were swathed in masses of fresh garlic. The fries were all fresh tasting and attractively crispy and the garlic enrobing was delicious if unfortuitous for my seatmate on the plane ;-). All in all a more than respectable way to end our eating fest in the SF Bay area. If you are stuck eating at the airport you could do much much worse than Anchor Steam. All in (tip included) this repast set us back $40.

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