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What is most analogous to food?


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What is most analogous to food?

Like-Go-Eat? | Mar 24, 2006 03:46 AM

A recent post used an analogy comparing having a house painted to order by describing a desired color and food cooked to order by color. At first I considered the test of its soundness as a proper analogy as a matter of the importance a particular individual attaches to visual preference. If someone wants closer to a pinkish-red than a pinkish brown it could be applied to the color of meat, shoes, hair, car and the list goes-on. If the color is not right then satisfaction would depend on the individual. But there is more to it when it comes to food.

The perfect analogy for food would have to not only address the importance of visual desire but encompass all the senses that food excites and more. The doneness of meat is not only color but is a taste, feel (texture), smell and probably even a subtle hearing sensation associated with vibrations, or lack of vibrations, to the ear drums from the amount of jaw movement and teeth grinding it takes to chew. A recent post about expectations shaping perception shows how first impressions are important because they shape our expectation and therefore govern our final perception / response. Sight and smell are the first senses stimulated with food and therefore have the first impression on our expectation of what the taste, texture and final sum experience will be. So anyway, maybe a truly perfect analogy to food would have to be something that stimulates all the senses and has a impact on expectations and perception. Anyone know of anything besides food that stimulates all the senses – sommething analogous to food? Please, leave sex out of this.

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