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Amsterdam Chocolate liqueur by Van Gogh--marketing question


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Amsterdam Chocolate liqueur by Van Gogh--marketing question

Howard-2 | Oct 11, 2005 10:47 AM

Can anyone here tell me whether "Amstyerdam Chocolate" liqueur, by a company named Van Gogh, is being test-marketed?

I bought a bottle this past weekend, at a New Hampshire state liquor store, and two aspects of this product struke me as out of the ordinary. (The stuff tastes good, btw.)

The bottle it comes in is the most ordinary, undistinguished bottle I've ever seen. In an age when the bottle often signifies something about the contents, this struck me as odd.

Also, this stuff was only $7. These 2 factors made me wonder if perhaps this stuff was being test-marketed. If in fact you were test-marketing a new product, it seems to me you'd want to price it low, and not sdpend lots of money designing and manufacturing distinct bottles.

There must be some source I can check to find out if it's being test-marketed.

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