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Go to Amsterdam, Buy Cheese!

Barry Foy | Feb 29, 200809:21 AM

I returned a few weeks ago from a brief visit to Amsterdam, and I'd like to put in a good word for De Kaaskamer (located at Kunstraat #7), a source for various international cheeses but particularly the Dutch ones, of which they have a wide range, many from small sources. Once I showed a bit more than your average Yank's interest in cheese, they provided excellent info and recommendations. Don't fret, as I did at first, at the shrink-wrapping on many of the wedges: The Dutch-style cheeses, particularly aged ones, are sturdy enough to withstand this treatment, and it makes for convenient (and nonsmelly) transporting. Furthermore, the Kaaskamer people gave me some stuff (paper on one side, plastic on the other) to wrap the product in once it's out of the shrink-wrap, and it has worked beautifully.

The Dutch cheeses don't get a lot of press on this side of the Atlantic, but there are some beauts--you'll find them here.

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