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Amount of Food Ordered at Restaurant


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Amount of Food Ordered at Restaurant

boltnut55 | Sep 7, 2003 01:31 AM

OK - I know my issue is not a big deal, but I'd still like to hear feedback.

When we go to restaurants, it's me, my husband, and my 6 year old daughter. I don't like to order a kid's meal because (1) yes, it's cheaper, and (2) if she eats my food, we all eat less, so it's a self-control method (need to lose some weight, but want to enjoy life too!). In fact, I actually believe it's okay for the three of us to share ONE appetizer, ONE entree, and maybe a soup or salad thrown it, AND order plain ole iced water.

Assuming that we are not at McDonalds, where they really don't care and not at the high class restaurants where they may walk off in a huff (although personally, I don't think it matters), do you think this is appropriate at a mid-range restaurant (not Chili's or Denny's but maybe some place more expensive)? Do the waiters care? Am I going to talked about in the kitchen? Or get worse service? What do you think? I guess I just want to be able to order and feel okay about it, so I can enjoy my meal!

My husband feels like he's obligated to order for everyone. If we don't order a kid's meal (from $5 to $10), he will order an appetizer or add to his entree. If I order water, he will order a soda. Etc. We really don't NEED all the extras, and we always end up too full. I alsp feel like if I can save a few dollars (sometimes $5 but many times over $10) here and there, that means we can go out more often.

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