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Amish Friendship Bread


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Amish Friendship Bread

dairyqueen | Dec 10, 2002 09:54 AM

So I've got this gallon ziploc bag of starter. My boyfriend's mom made a big batch of Amish Friendship Bread ten days ago, and handed me the bag and a set of instructions more complicated than the ones I used to build my Ikea computer desk.

For the last ten days, I was supposed to squeeze the bag several times, letting out the excess air as needed. On the 8th day, I added a cup each of milk, sugar and flour. On the tenth day, I was supposed to bake it up, adding vanilla, 2 small boxes of vanilla pudding, milk, flour, sugar, baking powder, and baking soda along the way.

Here are my questions:
--will the resulting bread suffer if I bake it today, one day later than I was supposed to?
--how long will this starter really last?
--how often do I need to "feed" it?
--my boyfriend's mom's Amish bread was moist and light, but toothachingly sweet. How much sugar should I cut to lessen the sweetness? How much of the pudding should I cut? And what the heck are Amish people doing with boxes of Jello Instant Pudding?
--what should I add to it (nuts? berries?)


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