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Americas Test Kitchen Season 17

FurryChef | Feb 10, 2017 09:22 PM

So what does everyone think of the new season of ATK? I never imagined I'd say this, but I can't watch it anymore.

This format just isn't working for me. Julia and Bridget are great chefs, but they can't hold the show together, not as co-hosts at least. Every segments where they slowly walk towards the table feels forced and awkward. It's like they've rehearsed it a hundred times and just decided to go for it but they're still not comfortable with it. And for that matter, everything feels forced, from the bad jokes to Bridget's Meg Ryan moment with that steak.

Then they seem to want to be equal opportunity hosts, right down to number of words. Opening segments are made that much more painful when Julia says five words, then Bridget says five words, the Julia says five words, then...well you get the point. I just saw they finally made a trailer for Create and that is exactly how it went.

What made Chris Kimball such a good host wasn't necessarily his personality, though that did fit in with the show. It was, in my mind, his ability to just be himself, to speak plainly, as if he didn't need a script and was just having a conversation with the viewer. I don't know whether them running scared has anything to do with it, but seem to have thrown out 16 years worth of experience and all the lessons from it. Even season one wasn't this bad.

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