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America's Test Kitchen reviews are meaningless


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America's Test Kitchen reviews are meaningless

kjonyou | Jul 9, 2014 01:16 PM

I know this might ruffle a few feathers here but I dont get why so many people take the Taste Test results from this show as the word of god or in any way accurate.

From what I can tell, when they taste test a food product, its limited to their studio audience of about 30 people? That's way too small to get a real sample. In the normal world of opinion polls done by researchers, a minimum of around 1500 people is need before anything could be considered accurate. Less then that creates false results. Certainly 30, 60 or even 100 people would be way off.

They also dont account for regional differences. Lets take BBQ for example. People from the North East are going to have completely different opinions then people from the Midwest or Texas.

Even if ATK is using more then 30 people, Do any of them reside outside the city or state where it is filmed? Why not pic say 30 volunteers from five different cites? It would not be that hard or expensive. They are not even filming so very low cost.

Their results vary wildly from other test sites. Lets take chicken stock for example. ATK rates the brand Kitchen Basics as not recommended, burnt tasting etc. Yet Consumer Reports rates it as very good and one of the top two. Their taste testers love the roasted flavor, ATK tasters called it burnt.

So if you want, prove me wrong, but back it up with some facts. From from what I can tell, ATK taste testing is wildly inaccurate or meaningless unless you just want the opinion of people who live outside Boston.

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