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Best American - Menu suggestions for serving non-american guests.


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Best American - Menu suggestions for serving non-american guests.

mcrowleymiano | May 30, 2009 03:41 PM

Basically, I, an American, will be preparing a meal for roughly a dozen foreigners - several people from Spain, Germany, France, South Korea, and a few other countries, and I want to give a sense of what American food really is... not just the burgers, fries, and twinkies that everyone thinks of.

So what I'm hoping to get is kind of a rundown of the best dishes America has to offer, and feel free to mix and match - it doesn't all need to be Cajun, or soul food, or southwestern tex-mex. Ideally, there will be a main dish, a few side dishes/appetizers/salads, and a dessert. Many of the Europeans have a very low tolerance for even the mildest of spiciness (put a few handfuls of black pepper in a dish and many of them are bright red, sweaty, and guzzling water) so nothing too hot.

What i was thinking for a main dish is either chicken pot pie or a form of New England Boiled Dinner that I make with apples, cider, pork, and various root vegetables. For sides, maybe succotash. As for dessert, everyone already knows apple pie, but a few days ago the Koreans were really enthusiastic about a blueberry cobbler they had, and one of my goals is to introduce new dishes that these people haven't encountered too much of before.

But I turn to you, chowhounds. What else would work? What do you love? Non-Americans, what's your favorite American food?

Hopefully, let's not turn this into a debate about what is and isn't american food, so for the purposes of this thread, focus on things that aren't typically served in continental Europe or Asia. Thanks everyone!

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