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Joanie | Jun 5, 2003 08:37 AM

Started with drinks and an appetizer at Saint which at 7:30 on a Wed. nite is not the happening place I assume it normally is. There ended up being about 8 people at the bar so no one's really going for the food. I'd read varying reports on Citysearch but everyone was very friendly, and no one was too old (very ageist comments from some reviewers). The main room is kind of blue and pleasant, the back red bordello-like room was closed off. Got a passion fruit martini, my friend had a mojito and we split crab meatballs w/ gnocchi. Six tiny meatballs, maybe 12 gnocchi and some little bits of veggies in a gravy type sauce. This was very delicious and I wish there was some bread to sop things up but noticed that it cost $6 for a bread basket, so didn't bother asking if they'd throw a couple slices our way. That came to $34.

Got to Ambrosia and it seemed like they didn't have my reservation down altho I'm not sure. Was surprised no one called to confirm that day. But it took just a few minutes to get a table ready, the room was fairly busy but the bar side was dead. Wine and mojito took a little while but the bread basket w/ caramelized onions kept us happy. Split some shaved duck breast with caramelized corn spaetzle ($14). This was one of the tiniest apps I've ever seen. Three 1.5" slices of duck, a few bits of spaetzle and I think there were beets in there which I don't remember being advertised and are one of my least fave veggies. That didn't take long to eat, esp. unfortunate since it took FOREVER for the entrees to come. At first you don't notice, then you say "gee, this is taking a while", then you start getting pissed. The waitress never asked if we wanted another drink and I finally said 'where's the food'. She said it was coming shortly but another 10 or so min went by when a waiter came over and said "how's everything?". Well, we had a completely empty table and an inch of beverage, there's not much to comment on. Supposedly two large parties were making things difficult in the kitchen but I just kind of nodded and didn't say much. The mgr. came over to apologize saying there was no excuse for it taking that long and offered free desserts which was very nice. The food was good when it finally got there, nice lamb loin med. rare w/ potato and peas. Great steak, can't remember what it came with ($34 and 35). We ended up getting a lemon ginger creme brulee and a choc. dessert w/ the hot choc. cake, a bit of coffee ice cream wrapped in a choc. shell and a very dark choc. piece of something. All in all a decent meal but definitely not the smoothest one I've had.

On a completely different note, the jr. roast beef sandwich at Mike's on Rt. 99 is a deal at $2.60 ($.30 for some tomato). Grilling the hamburger roll w/ butter is key. Also got a pork "burro" at the Mexican place in Union Sq. Somerville (Taqueria Mexicana?) which was only okay. They automatically put guac. and sour cream in it but it's only a little plop in the very middle. I forgot to specify black beans but the red ones were fine. Also forgot to specify spicy salsa but I could barely taste any salsa at all. The pork was very tasty but it was a pretty dry sandwich with like two chunks of tomato and onion.

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