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Amanda Hesser's Food Column in Sunday's Times Mag


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Amanda Hesser's Food Column in Sunday's Times Mag

George Lynch | Jul 29, 2001 04:52 PM

Anyone read Ms. Hesser's article yet? She describes eating at Craft with three "foodie" acquaintances (nicknamed A., Ms. Foodie, and Mr.Latte).

She states several times her dislike for eating with "foodies" (the word she uses throughout the article to describe people avidly interested in restaurants, chefs and the latest dishes). The article is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but not entirely.

Interestingly (at least to me), she touched on several topics that have been discussed recently right here. For example, she noted that "Foodies do not allow order overlap." She went on to explain that if you want a particular item and are dining with a group of foodies, you had better claim it quickly.

She also decried the custom of tasting everyone's food, saying she doesn't like feeling as if she's at a buffet. Her style is to figure out what she wants and eat it herself.

I found the article to be amusing and interesting reading. She skillfully describes behaviors in a light and humorous way, but lets the reader know she really doesn't care for the "one-upsmanship" that can occur when foodies gather. I also have just begun to realize that I enjoy reading Ms. Hesser's articles.

I'd be curious to hear what other Chowhounds think of the article.

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