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Aluminum pans and acidic foods

Citizen_Snips | May 17, 201204:36 PM

I have read that you should avoid cooking or marinating acidic foods in aluminum cookware because the acids will react with the aluminum, causing the metal to leach into the food and the cookware to become discolored and/or pitted.

Is there any risk of this if I use an aluminum half sheet pan as a prep tray to hold food that has already been marinated in citrus juices? Realistically the food would probably be sitting on the pan for no more than a half hour before I would take it off and grill it. It could be another few hours before I would actually get around to washing the pan. Similarly, would there be any risk of leaching if I put citrus marinated foods onto an aluminum pan right after grilling it?

Sorry if these are dumb questions, but I'm a beginner and I'd rather not ruin my food and/or cookware if at all possible.

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