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Alton Brown is starting to really tick me off! Plus other Iron Chef beefs....


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Alton Brown is starting to really tick me off! Plus other Iron Chef beefs....

alkapal | Dec 5, 2010 05:03 AM

I watched the Iron Chef Battle Bell Pepper the other day, and was quite annoyed at how unnecessarily smart-ass AB has become. He would say quite sarcastic things about the challenger, and also some comments made me think he knew how the "Battle" would be finally judged. Is he prescient?

Plus, I was annoyed at the judging on that Bell Pepper show. Have they changed the protocol to one in which they now ask an overall assessment of the Iron Chef's "overall success" at the end of the judgment on his dishes alone? The Bakhoun "lady" is getting more ridiculous; I thought she was going to have some form of ecstatic experience, and I thought she might lick her plate clean at another moment. That was Adam Richmond? What has happened to him -- he looks, um, different. And Nigella. Gee guys, I'm sorry, but eye candy isn't enough to make her appearance there worthwhile; her commentary was inane.

Steingarten would've told Forgione his fish was overcooked, as you could plainly see on TV. Steingarten would tell them what's what.

In scoring originality, the judges ding RJ Cooper, when basically all Forgione did was mince peppers (other than the pasta and the sorbet). Bogus!

Is the fix in on this show now? Why can't they have judges who will talk about the food honestly, instead of oohing and aahing and pandering. Occasionally, they will say how this really doesn't highlight the theme ingredient.... I felt like there was a lot going on that WASN'T about the food (like maybe assuring the newest IC a WIN).

Finally, on a technical note, I have NEVER seen such rapid-fire cutaway editing on Iron Chef in my life. How can one follow it? Here Chef A is making a sauce, blending it, then Chef B's sauteeing something for 2 seconds, then Chef A is adding some ingredient into the sauce that he is still blending, then Chef B is tossing in something to the saute pan, then Sous Chef A is chopping something, then Sous Chef B is piping something, then..... You get the idea. -- all that in what seems to be about 10 seconds....via 2 second snippets without CONTINUITY.

(PS ALton, you've done gone too far with that dieting. You're looking wizened.).

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