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Alton Brown attempts to re-invent classic cocktails?


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Alton Brown attempts to re-invent classic cocktails?

UptownKevin | Jan 26, 2010 04:49 AM

I was excited to see another new episode of Good Eats last night, especially since it featured my two favorite cocktails - the bloody mary and the margarita. But talk about a let-down!

Alton mentions the fact that both cocktails have been morphed into something that is a far cry from the originals, then goes on to massacre each of them. Sure, a homemade tomato juice is cool, but his version of a bloody mary reminds me more of a gazpacho. And a margarita with muddled limes and oranges, without the orange liqueur and the addition of Agave nectar?

Did anyone see it? Anyone as disappointed as I was? I think Alton Brown has lost his passion and is now grasping for interesting show topics.


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