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I need some help please? Alternatives for a smoker...

theBCP | May 26, 201202:46 PM

So, my boyfriend and I often watch food network together... And the other day, we saw something called a "bacon bomb" on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. ... Immediately he turned to me and said "woahh that looks awesome... Shainie, you HAVE to make me one of those!" ... I'm pretty good with food, and up until now have had no problem mimicing food network items hes wanted... but for this item, a smoker is required... and I dont have one.

So the bacon bomb is basically a heart attack rolled up in a 5-lb bacon burrito...

The usual recipie is a weave of bacon filled with ground sausage and peppered bacon, filled and covered with barbeque sauce.
The way I intend to make it is a weave of bacon filled with seasoned ground beef and teriyaki pepper steak chunks, covered with teriyaki sauce.

But that still doesnt help the problem that I dont know what the best alternative for a smoker will be... my options are to slow cook it on my dads infared grill, or to slow cook it in the kitchen oven... But I also dont know in either case what the best temperature would be for that amount of meat (and also because it will ruin it if the bacon puckers up on the weave). So if anyone has any suggestions that would be very helpful... Im supposed to make it tomorrow or the next day after work.

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