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Alternatives to Milk for Cereal


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Alternatives to Milk for Cereal

Jim Leff | Oct 30, 2003 12:07 PM

This is a very specific sort of question. I"m searching for alternative liquids to splash into cold cereal, my basic staple food.
I'm not looking for interesting and delicious grain milks, or new taste sensations. Actually, I'd like something as blandly milk-like as possible. Because I LIKE milk and cereal, and don't want to embark on some new combo that overwhelms and skews my appreciation of the cereal. Furthermore, the more distinctive and "interesting" the milk, the more rapidly I'm going to get sick of it.

EdenSoy soy milk is out. It's got that intense bean-iness that can work in a pinch, but basically turns even a sprightly cereal like Corn Flakes into a maudlin experience. It's a decent into Soyland.

Paul Trapani suggested Trader Joe's Vanilla "Rice-Um" Rice Milk, but it's very sweet, and only works on Kashi "7 in the morning" cereal (which is, in fact, what Paul uses it on).

I'm figuring all decent soy milks will have that beany thing going on, and flavored anything will be too overbearing. So I guess I need an unflavored rice milk (really unnutritious, but oh well...).

Any alternative ideas? Suggested brands of rice milk? Would prefer organic. I'm not generally an organic nut, but anytime you concentrate a lot of food (e.g. juices), you're also concentrating the bad stuff.

Oh, and don't tell me yogurt. If you tell me yogurt, it means that you just don't understand cereal.


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