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Alternatives to brining

Tom Meg | Nov 16, 200504:58 PM

The tide seems to be turning against brining the turkey (see today's NY Times food section) both for the hassle it entails, and because of the claim by Harold McGee (among others) that brining results in a bird that can certainly be called juicy, but the juices taste mainly of salt water rather than actual turkey.

This got me wondering what would happen if you were to prepare several gallons of strong, well-salted turkey stock, chill it, and then brine a turkey in the stock. Would the turkey then be permeated with turkey-flavored juicy goodness?

Unfortunately, this is not the year that I'm going to buy two turkeys and sacrifice one of them to the stockpot. Any volunteers?

I've also heard of gently poaching the turkey in stock, followed by a quick blast in a hot oven to crisp the skin. Supposed to be the ultimate in moist interior/crisp exterior. Anyone ever try this? Sound like it would work....but I'm not inclined to get too experimental with this once-a-year big family event.

Hoping someone can share their experience or offer an intelligent conjecture about either technique.

Link: http://tomness.blogspot.com

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