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Allergy to a spice (m)


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Allergy to a spice (m)

momgray | Dec 22, 2003 11:11 AM

I think this is the place to ask this, and not on the non-food board; if it's not, please let me know and I'll repost.

My husband and I are pretty sure that he has a food allergy to a spice. Until recently we had been unable to figure it out (for a while we thought it was fenugreek), but after a reaction to homemade gingersnaps, we have it narrowed down to two possible spices:

Nutmeg (and thus mace as well)
Cloves (and thus pimento as well, I think)

Since trying to figure this out manually would involve making my husband virulently sick to his stomach, I thought I'd ask the collective knowledge here for some help.

In the past, he's gotten sick from eating:

Indian Food - particularly samosas at south Indian restaurants (but not all Indian restaurants)
The bean soup at Ikea (but not the meatballs)

and the list could go on, but after that it's more localized (like the beef stew at Jack's in Skokie).

Knowing it's one of the two spices, any ideas which one is more likely to be in all of these types of food?

Thanks, and as I said, if this is the wrong place I'll figure out where it should be!

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