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Allergies and Restaurants

Ginsugirl | Jan 3, 2009 08:43 PM

Okay, here's one thats sure to get a few tongues wagging...

I have a deadly peanut allergy, yet I persist in going to restaurants. Yes, I know how much this can rile people who do or have worked in the industry, because I have as well. I understand how one's blood can boil when given a laundry list of special instructions. But I have never refused these requests unless I think it a matter of safety, in which case I try to figure out a solution.

What gets me angry is the restauranteurs (you know who you are) who add notes like "We will not be responsible for food allergies" on their menus. Yes, I get it, you don't want a lawsuit. I'm not expecting you to babysit me. I only tell my server about the peanuts so the kitchen can warn me against items that are too risky, and take a few reasonable precautions. Like not using the dirty pad thai tongs on my Alfredo( Which is something they should be aware of anyway, because dirty utensils are just plain gross). Do your best not to kill me, and nobody gets sued. I'm only asking for common sense.

The majority of restaurants are actually quite accommodating, even happy to do so. Those are the places I'll keep going back to, and direct others to do the same. Others are wonderfully honest about their limitations, and garner my respect, if not immediate business. But you can bet I'll tell my friends how nice they were. Repeat clientele and good reviews by word-of-mouth are far more effective than all the advertising money can buy. Arrogant disclaimers are a review killer.

And as for the old 'well, you should just eat at home' argument, do you really think I should go and live in a plastic bubble? Would you want to live your life confined to your home? Would you have the guts to tell me I don't belong in your establishment if I was blind, instead of allergic?

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