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Allergic reaction to alcohol


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Allergic reaction to alcohol

reallyrednails | Jun 8, 2006 06:14 PM

Twice now, I've had a bad reaction to alcohol and I'm not sure what component caused it.

The first time, I drank just a few sips of champagne (don't remember the label) and about 10 minutes later, I felt my face get very hot, and I turned red as a beet. I mean, flaming red, all over my face. It took about 1/2 hour to cool down.

The second time, I drank a few sips of something called "Toxic Waste" (at a theme party). The drink was made up of Midori, vodka and Mountain Dew, that's all. Same thing happened--flaming heat on my face, beet red, cooling down after 1/2 hour.

Luckily, both times I was able to slip away without being noticed, as I would have been mortified to stand around looking like a lobster.

So does anyone have an idea what could have caused this kind of reaction? I've drunk more than one brand of champagne without any problem; ditto, vodka. Never had Midori though. Any thoughts are much appreciated!

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