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Allegro Coffee and Homemade Ice Cream at Lollypops (Saratoga, Wyoming)


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Allegro Coffee and Homemade Ice Cream at Lollypops (Saratoga, Wyoming)

Melanie Wong | Jul 26, 2011 09:02 PM

Along the drive from Cheyenne via the Snowy Range to Saratoga, I pulled over at the little museum in Centennial for a rest stop. After greeting me, the museum staffer suggested that if I needed a bite, a café in this tiny town was now importing fantastic homemade ice cream all the way from Saratoga, WY. From Lollypops in Saratoga?, I asked. She was stunned that I’d heard of it, and I explained that I was rushing to get there before it closed at 6pm. I’m sorry that I didn’t write down the name and can’t recall where in Centennial.

Anyway, I jumped back in the car and did find Lollypops, next to my hotel for the night. I slid in just after 5pm. Besides an ice cream fountain, it also offers coffee, breakfast, and lunch and has a small deck with outdoor seating.

This gentleman in blue told me he drove 600 miles to have ice cream here. I offered that I’d come from San Francisco to eat ice cream here . . . and his fishing buddy snickered, saying I’d had him beat.

Before ordering, I confirmed that the ice cream is indeed made there. Also learned that none are made with fresh, seasonal fruit. But never mind. Rare for me, I taste-tested only one flavor and decided instantly on my order. I had the cappuccino ice cream. Very dense, not overly sweetened, intensely coffee-flavored and flecked with chocolate shavings and some crunch. A single cup was close to $4, on the high side, but the quality was definitely there.

I preferred Lollypops’ coffee in ice cream form than as hot liquid. The beans are from Allegro ( I grabbed a cup of a medium roast in the morning but found it too acidic for my tastes.

Later in Laramie, a new acquaintance asked, “Did you have Lollypops ice cream?” when I mentioned that I’d been to Saratoga and stayed at Hotel Wolf. I found it interesting that he didn’t inquire whether I’d been to the public hot springs (currently closed until ski season for remodeling), or about any other place in town. He confessed that he sometimes drives to Saratoga just for the ice cream. That someone as close as Centennial might be serving up Lollypops product was very welcome news to his ears. Good stuff, indeed.

107 Bridge Ave, Saratoga, WY 82331

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