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ktmoomau | Apr 17, 202005:15 PM     12

We have been doing take out once or twice a week to support our local community. A few hits:

Souvlaki Bar- Greek Salad with Chicken Yeero- right now a fresh salad seems very indulgent, I think their chicken yeero which is crisp on the outside, but juicy is just great.

Chop Shop Taco- I like the way they package their tacos- one very juicy one fell apart and I ate it with a fork, but the others held up. Their tortillas are really good, and their spit roasted meats are excellent. Some items can be spicy (which I like). And I like the condiments, and salsa they have. Their family style menus look really tasty, I want to try the beer can chicken. (The family meals also have the tortillas separately, but I bet you could get a couple extra tortillas added to you order in case one breaks even on the normal meals.)

Junction Bakery- they also have a small shop for extra pantry staples, and have bread too. We got sandwiches, which held up well. The fries needed a little crisp up in the oven (I normally get side salad, but was in the mood for fries). Their General Tso's cauliflower is also really good.

Italian Place- I have to say, I still miss the Italian Store from living in Arlington, but the Ovi is a darn good sub I add sweet peppers. We also got a lasagna to warm up for dinner. The lasagna I think is meant for one, we had it for two, with a caesar salad I made to start. These sandwiches hold up very well for take out. And I got a bag of chips, I hadn't had chips in weeks and was excited about kettle chips.

Lost Dog- It seems lost dog can pretty much maintain quality of their subs and pizzas from in store to take out. They have been a huge take out operation for years though.

Monterey's Pizza- this is our go-to pizza joint. Hubby is a NY slice kind of person, I am more into a bit more bubbly crust, and this rides a nice line between that we both like.

On my list of places I want to get: Nasime, NRG (they also have provisions), Taqueria Poblano (tostada), Cheesetique (they also have a market), Pork Barrel BBQ, St. Elmos (have provisions too), Silpancho's House (Saltenas) El Paso Cafe. What places have you been to or are looking forward to getting?

SouvlakiBar Alexandria
Junction Bakery & Bistro
The Italian Place
Lost Dog Cafe - Alexandria
Monterey's Pizza
Nasime Japanese Restaurant
Neighborhood Provisions
Taqueria el Poblano
Cheesetique Del Ray
Pork Barrel BBQ
St. Elmo's Coffee Pub
Silpancho’s House
El Paso Rt1 Alexandria
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