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The Alcove: Disappointment #2


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The Alcove: Disappointment #2

Queequeg | Sep 13, 2006 03:04 AM

I posted an earlier report the experience my girlfriend and I had at The Hungry Cat. Next up: our dismaying experience at the Alcove:

My girlfriend and I were there this Monday morning, about 10:30, so it wasn't nearly as busy as it is on the weekends. I ordered French toast, which is supposed to be brioche with bananas infused with rum and orange (or something) and creme fraiche and syrup. A friend of mine ordered this a few weeks ago, and what her French toast looked like French toast with sliced bananas on top, plus a few drizzles - drizzles! - of a thick, gel-like orange-rum sauce. When my order arrived, however, there was a lonely banana slice sitting atop the toast and the creme fraiche was sour cream. The toast itself was soaking in a bath of a tangy, yellow "sauce" that engulfed the plate. The "sauce" was the consistency of clarified butter and tasted awful. The toast soggied by the "sauce" was even worse. We brought it back - my first time, ever, bringing back a plate - and, apologizing profusely, asked for another order of French toast without the sauce.

The second plate arrived, as did my second occasion to return a plate. This time, the toast simply was not fully cooked. I flipped over the toasts as I poured the syrup and noticed that they were still eggy and soggy on the underside. Slightly more indignant, we brought it up to the counter. The woman behind the counter called out the cook. The cook explained to us that the reason why the toast was soggy was "because of the sauce." I looked down at the plate one more time to confirm that I didn't just imagine that there was no sauce on the plate and said that I wasn't going to risk getting sick just because the toast had soaked up non-existent sauce. She was very understanding and asked if I wanted to order something else. Not feeling hungry anymore, I asked for a refund instead.

While we were working through this mess, I noticed three other people also had problems with their orders and were bringing back their plates. A new cook, perhaps?

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