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Non-Alcoholic hefe weize , and "3 monts"


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Non-Alcoholic hefe weize , and "3 monts"

HLing | Mar 4, 2005 11:09 PM

(I'v been instructed to re-post this post here. The address in the post is for Manhattan)
I had the Erdinger non alcoholic Hefe Weize for the first time a few weeks ago. It was rich and amber colored. Probably the best tasting non-alcohol (well, very low alcohol) beverage I've had so far. It's a god send when suddenly I'm surrounding by friends who are either allergic to alcohol, or have very low tolerance, but who don't like sodas.

I found the Erdinger and the "3 Monts Flanders Ale" made by Brasserie Saint Sylvestre at the corner store on Claremont and Tiemann Place near 125th street/BWay.

The 3 Monts is NOT non-alcoholic, but once upon a time long long ago Big Dog had highly recommended it. At that time there was only a display bottle left. They sold it to me, but I never drank it. It said "Grand Reserve Special Ale, Sur Lie" on it. This time, I finally saw some new ones come in, same color label, still says 3 Monts, but instead of Grand Reserve... it says "Flanders Golden Ale".

Anyone knows if the first bottle should be drunken? Also, if the two are the same just with different distributers perhaps?

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