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Albany - China Village après chowdown


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Albany - China Village après chowdown

rworange | Dec 4, 2007 09:28 AM

I took advantage of the wonderful China Village Chowdown post to make decisions for a few recent meals with a friend. Thanks to all, we ate exquisitely.

In the first reply I put together many of the chowdown comments which helped us decide which dishes to order.

Meal 1

- #124 West Style Spicy Fish Filet (in soup)
- #45 Twice-cooked pork
- #150 Charred stir-fried cabbage
- white rice

There’s not much I can say that hasn’t been said better. These dishes were at the top of everyone’s list.

The fish soup has a lovely presentation. A large soup bowl is covered with another bowl. When the bowl is removed dozens of red chiles cover the soup. The server deftly removes the chiles with a chopstick … every single chile.

I asked if they reused the chiles … there were a lot and it seemed a waste to use once and toss. The server said they were not reused but some Chinese people took them home. We passed on doing that, but what would these be used for at home?

My friend still raves about the amazing broth. I liked the texture of the fish. Those noodles in the soup really are very slippery. We both graced the table with a few.

Meal 2

With the exception of the bread we ordered items not selected during the chowdown

- #1 – Hot and cold salad (Shredded pork, egg, veg, seafood in mustard sauce)
- #111 – XO sauce beef (XO sauce is a slowly made 20 ingredient sauce)
- #216 - Sesame Flat Bread
- white rice

The salad was a dramatic presentation and enough to feed six … at least. A huge platter had the following items all separate on the plate - super thin ribbons of yellow egg, shrimp, finely julienned zucchini, carrots and perhaps other veggies, chopped cabbage, flat noodles, mushrooms, scallions and probably other things we missed. The ingredients were mixed together tableside with chopsticks by the server

It was a cold salad and the ‘hot’ must refer the dressing that had hot Chinese mustard. We liked this but both thought the mustard was a little strong. If that is how it is supposed to be, my guess is this is a salad that is portioned out is small appetizer servings rather than being the main dish.

The beef in XO sauce was tender and velvety with excellent round hollow snap peas (?), zucchini and mushrooms that soaked up the sauce beautifully. While this is delicious, it wasn’t a dish that wasn’t distinguishable to me from other good beef in sauce dishes. I don’t know much about XO sauce so not sure how it compares elsewhere.

We were both in love with the sesame bread which is actually plate-sized inch-thick yeasty soft bread with layer of sesame on top of a crisp flat crust with some scallion layered in the bread … warm and with a nice chew and … mmmmm. It could serve up to 8. Though we stuffed ourselves silly with as much bread as possible ... for two there were leftovers and we both enjoyed it at home the next day.

Thanks Chowhounds for the excellent guidance.

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