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Al-Taib: horrible service


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Al-Taib: horrible service

hafizrealmadrid | May 28, 2009 04:42 AM

I used to go to Al-Taib regularly: it's cheap, tasty, and the food is fresh. But I've stopped over the past six months, and upon returning there yesterday I remembered why.

The service at this place is just TERRIBLE! I've never become so frustrated so quickly, or had back-to back-to back-to back disappointing encounters.

Half the time (literally) they actually forget about my order and I'm left just standing there looking like an idiot. I Ordered an entire cheese pizza over the phone once, they said to come in 10 minutes (which I did), and I still waited 30 minutes before I actually got my pizza (after reminding them 3 times).

Yesterday I got my order, but when I got to the cash, the cashier was gone. He was hanging out at the back talking and laughing with the other staff members. At this point there were four people behind me. He turned around, clearly looked at me, and then went back to his conversation! Two or three minutes before he decided to come ring me up (the line was now at least 8 or 9 people long).

The staff at Al-Taib are the RUDEST people in Montreal. Even McDonald's service keeps me satisfied, but Al-Taib I can't handle.

I thought it might have just been my own bad luck, but I rubbished that thought when I sent my cousin there one day and he came back telling me that the service was absolutely pathetic: slow, rude, and just not a good experience. He said he asked for hot sauce and they guy told him to get "No hot sauce, you go now."

Am I just always having bad experiences or do these guys need a wake up call?

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