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Agua Fresca...My Favorite Flavor...and Yours?


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Agua Fresca...My Favorite Flavor...and Yours?

Cristina | Mar 15, 2004 05:13 PM

Down there in the panko thread (don't ask, don't ask, you know how these things take on a life of their own) we got talking about agua fresca. My personal favorite is *agua fresca de piƱa con alfalfa*, with *guayaba con fresa* running a close second.

Caitlin asked how the pineapple with alfalfa one is prepared in the restaurant where I get it. First of all, the alfalfa is really alfalfa, right out of the field. Here's how they do it: in a blender, put chunks of pineapple and enough water to blend it smoothly. Add handfuls of alfalfa, just the leaves. Strain the blended liquid into a big pitcher, add water to make it the consistency of thin juice, and then add sugar to taste. Serve over ice.

Your agua fresca will be greenish yellow and taste like a mixture of green green summer and sweet pineapple.

To make the *agua de guayaba con fresa*, wash and take the flower end off about 1/2 kilo (1 lb) ripe yellow guavas. Cut the guavas in half and place in the blender; add enough water to liquify, about 2 cups. Add a few whole strawberries and blend again, briefly. Strain into a pitcher through a fine strainer (to remove the guava seeds). Thin to juice-thickness with water and add sugar to taste. Serve cold or over ice.

Which of all the aguas frescas do you like best, and how do you make it?

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