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I'm Afraid of Indian Food.

thursday | Sep 26, 200911:29 AM

Naan is not scary to me. Everything else is.

Here's the problem - I can't eat ANYTHING spicy. I mean anything. I finally worked my way up to being able to handle black pepper about three years ago - and by handle, I mean, if someone has put pepper on my eggs for me without asking, I can swallow it quickly. I have very sensitive taste buds. Anything with capsaicin or pepper-related is out.

I'm also not a huge fan of curry, but having never had Indian food maybe it's just because the curry I have had has been in subpar dishes...so I'm open to it, but don't think curry dishes are the place for me to begin.

So what's left? I hate to ignore such a huge country's cuisine, and it smells good when I walk by restaurants, but what can I eat? I live near Little India and am planning a journey to make the plunge... What do I begin with?

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