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Can an aerator "damage" wine?


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Can an aerator "damage" wine?

Midlife | Mar 25, 2011 01:26 PM

In another post here (I wish I could remember exactly which one) a poster was defending a specific preservation product and tangentially referred to aerators "damaging" wine ............ at least I think that's the word that was used. With the rising use of Vinturis, Nuances, and the like I thought this might be a subject worth exploring.

I sometimes explain what happens with a Vinturi as similar to a Moroccan restaurant server pouring your tea from 5 feet above your cup (minus the distance), or suggest (with a wink or two) that you could put the wine in a blender as well. But DOES that injection of air from an aerator do anything really negative to wine?

I've been an 'aerator holdout' myself, but mostly because I like to experience wine the way the winemaker made it, or at least with no mechanical intervention. On the other hand I have loads of experience with wine lovers who swear by these devices. There are other devices that do little more than move the wine through a twisting tube and/or through a spherical space. These seem less potentially 'damaging', but I'm not sure they really DO anything.

What do you think?

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